Yosra Koura speaks on AJ New Media course

Yosra, a Media Relations Officer with Ras Gas  was one of the attendees of the New Media training course delivered by Dan Mason from Thomson Foundation.

Twitter introduces new security feature: login verification

“Today we’re introducing a new security feature to better protect your Twitter account: login verification.” said Jim O’Leary from Twitter’s product security team in a  blog post.

This feature comes into effect months after continuous attacks on high profile accounts like The Financial Times, Burger King, Jeep, BBC Weather and most recently Associated Press.

Built on a  two-factor authentication, this new feature asks you for a second login which a special code sent as a SMS text to your registered mobile after you login into Twitter. Apps  that are linked to Twitter will continue to work without disruption with the Login Verification enabled.

Although it is an option which can be turned on/off inside the setting menu. It will come in handy for single users, but might be an hassle for an corporate account where agencies handle the activity with multiple users. Twitter earlier had asked to use a single computer for tweeting to be more secure.

Here is a video showing you how to setup:

Credit: Image courtesy of Twitter Blog

Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion, blogging community to remain independent

Yahoo buys Tumblr

After a rumor spreading like a wild forest fire, Yahoo’s board of directors announced the ground breaking deal to buy the popular blogging Community Tumblr for $1.1 billion on Monday with official announcement coming a bit later. This deal portrays the New York city tech scene where the micro blogging site was setup by a 26 yr old school dropout David Karp and launched in February 2007.

There have been mixed reactions online. Some regular tumblr users say “Yahoo might introduce ads into the micro blogging side hence taking away the blogging experience”, whereas some business experts say “Tumblr does not have much impressive numbers, although has a large young target community”.

“We have bought a growth opportunity and Yahoo’s intention is to let Tumblr remain an independent entity”, said Yahoo Inc. Chief Executive Marissa Mayer on CNBC.

Here is who gained more wealth with this deal. Founder David Karp who owns an aprrox 25% will be getting $253 million, But the biggest portion of the deal goes to the Investors ($750 Million) who started investing in Tumblr in 2007. Karp is not the only Tumblr employee to make money out of this deal, about $66 Million will be split up between 178 employees who will get roughly $371,000 each.

To me this sounded more like a Facebook-Instagram deal.

Yahoo! also announced on Thursday that it will integrate content from Twitter directly into the news stream on their website.

What do you think the future holds for Tumblr? or will we expect something new from Yahoo!?Wealth split up credit: http://business.time.com
Photo credit: http://blogs.kqed.org/