Arabnet Digital Summit 2013


Arabnet Digital Summit 2013 is just around the corner with 3 days of amazing networking possibilities with the spear heads of the Digital world in the MENA region which begins from June 23, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai.

This year’s ArabNet Digital Summit will feature a new and exciting segment, the Digital Showcase where participating entrepreneurs will showcase their enterprises,  products or services, and have an oppurtunity to connect with investors, media, and potential clients.

I will run a blog post at the end of each day (hopefully) with a brief of daily activities. Do keep a look out here.

You can also follow me @acepilotkhan or @Krikorianm @shivasingh @moeys on Twitter who will be tweeting live from the summit.


Photo: For illustration purposes from Arabnet Conference FB page.


Felix Baumgartner – Mission Stratos

I was asked to choose a famous personality dead or living in the past 40 years who i would like to interview. So i went with Felix being my inspiration. Then i was told to write down the first question i would ask them: How beautiful do you think life is?


Also i was asked to write down three different things that not many about Felix, and they are:

-He vomited after landing on earth

-Only person to free jump worlds famous monuments

-It was more of a scientific project than a mere marketing stunt for redbull

Here are some highlights of Felix’s jump.