Obtaining E-Gate/Smart Card in Doha

With no proper guidance or FAQ’s available online regarding the procedure to obtain E-Gate pass which helps you surpass the long lines at Doha Airport, i thought to write about the procedure.

There are 2 simple ways to attain E-Gate:

Applying for a Smart Card with E-Gate and other E-Government services

1.To obtain a new Smart Card with E-Gate and other E-Gov services you will have to head to the main Immigration and Passport controls office in Gharrafa.

2. All though you do not require any form for this but you will have to print out the form from the link below for you to get through the entrance as the cops have a different mood every other day. http://www.moi.gov.qa/PermitForm/smartCard/inputForm.jsp

3. Once you are in, make your way towards Gate 2

4. Once inside walk straight to the other where you will see a coffee stall. Right next to the coffee stall you will see a machine with a big screen and camera

5. Wait for the operator to arrive. Here you will do you finger prints, digital signature and take a new photo for your smart id

6. Once done with this go to the reception to get a token for e-gate

7. When your number is called, head to the counter and tell the personnel you want to attain a E-Gate. Also let them know if you like to add other E-Gov services

8. Remember to have a credit/Debit card on you to make the payment as they do not accept cash

9. After making the payment have a seat until your card is produced. The police officer will shout for you name when your card is ready

10. Now head to the same place where gave your finger prints to activate your E-Gate and other services. There will be a different machine to check this and someone will help you out

Adding E-Gate services on your current Smart Card (QID with a chip)

This is one of the simplest ways to get E-Gate services. If you already have an Smart Card i.e your Qatari ID with a chip on it, head to the Doha International Airport Terminal 1 where they have an E-Gate office. Ask for the personnel at the desk for E-Gate services and they will help you out. This takes about 5-10 minutes.

Fee for E-Gate:
QR 100 for one year
QR 150 for two year’s
QR 200 for 3 year’s

There will be an additional fee of QR:100 for the new ID card.

I have attached the a rough layout of where everything is inside so you don’t feel lost. Also i recommend you be there before 8:30 am (Gharaffa immigration) to get a parking spot.

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